Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pagudpud and Bangui Wind Mills

Day 1 (April 5, 2008)

     It was an 11-hour travel from Manila to Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte via RCJ bus.  We arrived there on April 5, 9AM, and stayed as homestay beside Polaris Beach Resort at Saud Beach.

     We started at 2PM the same day we arrived at the province.  We rented Manong Ronald’s tricycle for 600 pesos only for a tour to Blue Lagoon, Bantay Abot Cave, Patapat Bridge, and Kabigan Falls.

Kapuluan Beach Resort

     First on our itinerary is the Kapuluan Beach Resort.  We just inquired about the room availability and to see if the place is accessible.  The resort is quite beautiful with nipa hut cottages around and a small swimming pool.  Good for honeymooners at a reasonable cost.   Just make sure you drive there with your own car since the place is not accessible.

Blue Lagoon Beach

     Next is the Blue Lagoon beach, located just before the Kapuluan Beach Resort.  The white sand beach is in cove shape and looks perfect with its blue sea.

Bantay Abot Cave

Patapat Bridge

Kabigan Falls

     Near to it is the Bantay Abot Cave, after that the Patapat Bridge and lastly the Kabigan Falls.
 To see the falls you need to hike for 45mins and another 45mins going back.  On your way to Kabigan falls you need to cross 4 streams.   The scene is so beautiful that you will not care about getting tired of walking.  The streams is so clear and once you reached the falls you can’t help but swim on its cold waters.

On our way to Kabigan Falls with our guide.

    We’re back at Saud Beach by 5pm, just changed our outfit and relaxed for an hour at the beach to watch the beautiful sunset.  Luckily I have my tripod with me so we’re able to take shots without asking someone for help.

     The sand at Saud Beach is a creamy white and fine.  So many resorts and pension houses line up the beach, almost like Boracay, that is why it is called Boracay of the north.  If you want to have a weekend get-away, Pagudpud is a must to visit.

Day 2

      We took a bus (via Laoag) from Pagudpud to Bangui.  We asked the driver to drop us to Bangui Wind Mill.  From the hi-way we had 30 mins walk to reach the wind mill.  The gray sand beach, the blue sea and the wind mills along the beach were so perfect.  Two guys from NFA having their company outing asked to have a picture with me and guess what; they offered us a free ride to Pagudpud hehe, so lucky because we were tired then of walking.  When we reached our homestay we packed our things right away, had a quick lunch and headed south to Batac for our next destination.

More pictures at this link Pagudpud Album


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