Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Boracay Experience

     I’ve always heard how Boracay is such a paradise.  A tiny island in the central Visayas and has the most beautiful fine white sand beaches.  Being a beach babe myself, I’ve always planned on visiting this island to experience what other beach lovers have sworn, that Boracay is a place you’ve absolutely has to experience.

     Thus, when my friends told me that they are going to book a flight, I didn’t hesitate to say yes.  We booked ahead of time to get the cheapest go fares of Cebu Pacific and get the off peak rates of the hotel.

     Arriving at the Kalibo airport, we had to find a ride that would take us to Caticlan port.  Finding one is not hard, as there are some persons approaching us offering a van and boat ride to Boracay.  It was just a matter of picking which offer to take.

     Approaching the island itself and seeing the long stretch of beach brought a sudden anticipation of a weekend under the sun and partying at night.

     The beach front seemed to be endless.  Starting from Station 1 where the first-class hotels were located down to the affordable villas of Station 3.  The fine white sand and coconut trees lined the walkway and did live up to expectations.  While in other beaches walking entailed the use of rubber slippers to keep your feet from being peeled, Boracay’s sand is so enticingly cool and fine that we didn’t mind walking barefoot along the shore.  The water is crystal clear and very refreshing.  But marring the beauty of its shoreline are the slimy green mosses that clings to your feet.  You can’t escape them coming in and out of the water.  If not for them, Boracay would have been perfect.

     Along the shore, there were beautifully-executed sand castles that are sculpted only in the late afternoon, to be lighted at night by kerosene lamps.  The locals who make the sandcastles would appreciate a few amount in alms for their impressive work of art, and tourists alike would delight in pictures by the four to five-foot tall sand castles.  Once the night ends, the castles are torn down, only to be rebuilt once more in the morning.

     Korean, Malaysian, Chinese, Japanese, French, Indian, German, American and Italian — those are just the nationalities of tourists coming here.  The food choices in the island are as diverse as the visiting tourists making the possibilities for food tripping endless.  There is always something for your every whim and craving.
Loving the nightlife?  With a beer in hand, you can dance in the sand under the stars or in one of the islands numerous bars and clubs.  And if this scene seems too rowdy for you, a more peaceful and probably, a more romantic alternative, is a stroll along the beach.

     If you’re adventurous, you can try island hopping, para-sailing, jet skiing, diving, wind surfing, snorkeling or the famous banana boat ride.  Since we came in group, we opted to go island hopping and snorkeling.

     And what would a vacation be without souvenirs?  Flea markets are everywhere, waiting for you to test your haggling prowess.

     Bora has truly conquered me.  Indeed, I will surely miss the island.  I do hope that more and more endeavors will be made to help protect and save this wonderful paradise.  And for that, a sunset toast.  Cheers and fare thee well!!!  Until the next visit then…


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