Friday, March 7, 2014

Zambales: The Coves and Island

Travel Date: April 20-21, 2013

    It took time for me to write my trip to Zambales last summer.  Not because I don’t like the place, but I’m just too lazy and busy nowadays.  So here are my reviews of the coves and island we visited. A summer getaway with friends in a perfect weather and without the comfort of hotel or guest house.

     Anawangin Cove was our first stop.  It has a beautiful mountain backdrop, crystal clear river, and what makes it unique are the Agoho trees surrounding the area.  A favorite camping site among travelers because of proximity from Pundaquit.  Also, the boat transfer is much cheaper.  Although, I was disappointed to see littered items and animal waste along the beach.

     After we explored Anawangin Cove for a couple of hours, we moved to Nagsasa Cove where we pitched our tent for the night.  It was hot like hell, but the first time camping experience was exciting.  I like it better here because it has a long light gray sand beach with a mountain and river landscape.  Along the beach a few rubbish are scattered, but the landscape is still gorgeous.   
     The next day, we went to Capones Island for a quick tour before going home.  There is an old light house on top of the hill built by Spaniards to guide ships coming from north to northwest.  The view here is great, overlooking the deep blue sea with boats cruising nearby.  But some old slippers, shoes, and plastics were all washed up to the coral stone beach making it an eyesore to this beautiful small island. 

     Overall, the islands and coves could have been so beautiful, if only the caretakers and the Tourism Department of Zambales will maintain the cleanliness of their attractions.  I hope one day they will do something to address this problem.  Yet, it’s not too late to revive the cleanliness of their beaches.

How we get there?

1      4 Hours drive from Manila to Pundaquit, San Antonio, Zambales. 
2      From Pundaquit, we rented a motor boat to transport us to the coves and island.

Boat Cost: Php 1,500

Budget: Php 2,000 to 3,000

Accommodation: Tent only (can be rented at Pundaquit Port or you can bring your own)

No restaurants and ATM machine.

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