Friday, January 29, 2016

Calaguas Getaway

Travel Date: February 7-8, 2015

     We decided to visit Calaguas in February, because there was no rain and the weather forecast was good.  But we overlooked to check the gale warning which is how strong the force of the wind during that week. 

     Our boat sailed the beautiful greenish river with scenic banks going out to the vastness of Pacific Ocean.  From afar before we reach the mouth of the ocean, we can see already the towering raging waves.  We were so frightened and unsure if our boat can pass through.  At that time, you will think of withdrawing or continuing the trip.  But our boat managed to ride the huge waves for an hour.

     The fear was gone the moment we came closer to Calaguas Island.  The nearby islands we passed by were so beautiful and virgin.  All beaches boast a long white sand and lots of coconut trees.  The moment our boat approached the beach of Calaguas we were amazed with the fine white sand and the emptiness of the island from commercialization.  I love to see it in its natural beauty!  And here I feel like I’m in paradise away from civilization.

     We may not get the best comfort we will have in a hotel.  We slept on a hard sleeping mat inside an old tent.  But waking up with a view of aquamarine ocean, white sand, and sound of waves are priceless.  A life threatening adventure, but you can laugh it out after.

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