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Corregidor Island

Travel Date: November 26-27, 2014

The Long Mile Barracks

     The Japanese-American War during WWII happened many years ago, but its battlefields remain some of the most popular historic landmarks we have in the country.   One of the most important is Corregidor Island.

     But the trip here is quite expensive if you will book a regular rate.  Luckily we grabbed a good deal at CashCashPinoy website for a package tour to Corregidor.  It includes hotel accommodation, guided tour, lunch buffet, and a round trip ferry transfer.

     Here in Corregidor Island you will journey back in time and tour through tunnels, ruins, batteries, and graves via tranvia bus.  The tour guide will bring the battleground to life through stories plus the light and sound animation effects inside the Malinta Tunnel (main tunnel only).  With the guided tour, you will learn more about the island aside from the information that it was fortified with artillery batteries and ammunition magazines to defend Manila from attacks by enemy warships.

     After the morning tour, we had a sumptuous buffet lunch at the hotel’s restaurant.  We only have an hour break, so we managed to eat fast and booked the night lateral and sunrise tour at additional cost (not included with the voucher promo package).  In the afternoon, we went to see the ruins, Pacific War Memorial, and batteries.

     The most memorable was the night lateral tour.  First, we visited the old hospital and walked up to the second floor.  We looked at every room and examined every details of the building.  Then we went inside the Malinta tunnel again, but this time it was pitch black.  We toured most of the inner tunnels you will not see during the day tour.  We were amazed with the structures of inner tunnels, how they used it, and the story behind of what we are seeing at present.  We also saw some charred bones of Japanese soldiers.  And the scary part was when our guide asked us to turn off our flash light for 5 minutes and walk straight the tunnel to experience how the soldiers managed to go around the tunnels in the dark.

     The next day, we woke up early to see the sunrise at the hilly side of Corregidor.  Then we trekked to Japanese tunnel and managed to navigate the small tunnels.  It was a great morning exercise indeed! 

     Overall, the tour package is highly recommended for anyone who is interested in World War II history.  It is very moving and fun at once.   With this experience, I salute every Filipino and American soldier who fought and struggled for our freedom. 

One of the batteries

The ruins of hospital

Inside the inner tunnels of Malinta Tunnel

Japanese Tunnel

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