Wednesday, March 9, 2016

A Hike to Taal Crater

Travel Date: April 19, 2015

     One weekend, we decided to ride a bus to Tagaytay to hike the smallest volcano in the country.  We took the DLTB bus bound to Nasugbu and we got off to Rotonda Tagaytay and rented a tricycle to take us to Talisay.  From there, we rented a boat to take us to Taal Volcano jump off point.

     Taal Volcano is currently active, but it is safe to hike.  The trail is steep and dusty.  You can walk up to the crater for 2 hours or simply just ride a horse.  We chose to walk instead and at the same time we caught all the dust from the horses that are carrying tourists.  Since I don’t exercise, I easily get tired and out of breath.  I stopped a couple of times to rest and determined that I will reach the top soon, even when there were times that I feel like I want to pass out.  

     Near the top of the crater, there are a few areas where hot steam comes out of the earth.  We watched it only for a few minutes.

     However, when we got to the top, we were mesmerized with the emerald green color of the crater’s lake.  It is beautiful and I enjoyed looking at it for a couple of minutes.  After taking a lot of photos of the famous Taal Crater, we rested in a hut and ordered some coconut juice to freshen up. 

     Then we began to walk down the crater, but this time it was easier and faster.  We were able to finish it in thirty minutes.

the dog is taking a dip to cool off from hot weather

we thought that this is the crater we will hike

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